House Music Competition

The Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans went to battle with music.
Friday, November 3, 2017
On Friday 3rd November, BSY Primary students entertained Early Years students, parents, friends and family at the Melia Hotel, as each House put forward their entries for the BSY House Music Competition 2017.

Some weeks ago, each House was given three Zodiac signs which they were to use as inspiration for the final piece which was to incorporate all children. In addition to this, each House had a smaller group which were allowed to perform a piece of their choice. The creativity with which children and staff approached the task was fabulous, and the end results were all so varied - each with a very definite personality.

With some wonderful singing, this year's winners were the Vikings. They deservedly beat the perseverant Saxons who brought some Scottish heritage to the stage, the vibrant and multi-cultured tones of the defending champion Romans, and a load of goats presented by the Normans.
The culmination of a lot of hard work from students and staff, the afternoon was memorable and fun, and everyone should feel very proud of themselves.