Wednesday 5th October,
Friday, November 25, 2016
The annual House Music Competition took place this year on Wednesday 5th October, the traditional month, but was moved from the traditional venue i.e. the school hall, to the glitzy setting of the Novotel Yangon Max. An exciting event for all of the children in Years 1-8, who each represented their Houses by performing in a group piece based on two of the four elements - Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

For weeks beforehand, school was awash with the sounds of familiar songs from Disney films and stage musicals, as well as popular songs of modern artists including Michael Jackson (an avid Norman supporter), Katy Perry and The Prodigy (yes, really!). Each performance had it's own special appeal. The Romans donned red and blue representing both fire and water, and managed to merge these two notoriously opposing elements using those two notoriously complementary genres, 'Disney Cheese' and 'Industrial Jungle Techno', with flair and skill. The Vikings treated us to an upbeat medley which incorporated mostly water related songs, but then segued into a catchy original version of 'Colours of Wind' by the Vikings band. Normans went for the thought provoking somewhat serious approach, and demonstrated the importance of community during natural disasters, whilst Saxons were less charitable and in fact turned all angry. They even went so far as to state their desire to burn Romans, Viking and Normans. Apparently they also managed to burn most of their accompaniments during the rehearsal process, and performed mostly a capella on the day - a brave but effective move!

Solo/ensemble performances consisted of an array of styles, memorably Maria attempting Adele (and nailing it!), an almost perfectly synchronised video of Harry Potter to Hikaru and Co.'s "Hedwig's Theme", and Simon - the boy that said 'never again' after a nerve wracking performance in Nanjing last year...well, he's back after all!

Mr. Harvey enjoyed taking to the microphone once again, and the judges (Mr. Dutton, Miss. Hsar War, Mrs. Thomas, and Ms. Ardington) judged. Congratulations to all involved, but this year, our House Music Champions are the Romans!