School Fees

School Fees 2018-2019
The tuition fees for Early Years, Primary and Secondary school are displayed in the following table. (Prices in USD)

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Other School Fees
Application Fee: An Application Fee of 200 USD is payable with each application submitted. It is not refundable regardless of the outcome or withdrawal of application.

Enrolment Fee: The school requires a 5,000 USD Enrolment Fee to be paid in order to confirm the placement of any child (1 fee per family). The enrolment fee is non-refundable apart from a 1,500 USD Early Notice Payback as described below.

Early Notice Payback: The school will provide an Early Notice Payback of 1,500 USD to every family that provides three months written notice before the child is to be withdrawn from the school, assuming that all outstanding fees are paid and all text/library books are returned.

EAL Charge: A termly 1,000 USD charge will be applied to all students who the school deems to require additional English support.  This will continue each term until the school feels the student no longer needs the EAL support.

School Lunches: School lunch fees are 912 USD per year (termly payments are available).  

Bus Service: The school bus fee is 1920 USD per year (termly payments are available). 

School Uniform: All students are required to wear uniform to school. There is also a separate P.E. kit. All uniform sets and individual items can be purchased at the school shop.